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National News

  • UPDATE 1-Boeing profit slumps 53% as MAX grounding takes heavy toll

    Boeing Co reported a 53% drop in quarterly profit on Wednesday as the world's largest planemaker was hurt by the grounding of its best-selling 737 MAX jets. The company had a negative free cash flow of $2.89 billion in the quarter, compared with a positive free cash flow of $4.10 billion a year earlier. On Tuesday, the company ousted the top executive of its crucial airplanes division, Kevin McAllister, in an unexpected management shakeup related to the MAX crisis that shines the spotlight on Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg, whose title as board chairman was stripped earlier this month.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:59:11 -0400
  • The Latest: Bulgaria to work with UK on the 39 truck deaths news

    The Bulgarian embassy in London says it will work with the British authorities on the case involving 39 people found dead in a tractor-trailer in Essex, east of London. The truck is said to have entered Britain via the Welsh port of Holyhead on Saturday from Ireland. The bodies were found Wednesday in the town of Gray's, east of London.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:57:55 -0400
  • Greece: Migrant child killed in boat collision news

    A Greek coast guard patrol boat collided with a dinghy carrying migrants to the island of Kos from Turkey on Wednesday, leaving a child dead and another person missing, authorities said. Officials on Kos said that 31 people were rescued following the collision, in an effort assisted by private boats and the European Union border protection agency Frontex. "The search effort is focused on locating a missing 26-year-old Syrian man," coast guard spokesman Nikos Lagadianos said.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:56:04 -0400
  • Freed of 1MDB taint, Malaysia's tallest tower opens its doors

    Malaysia's tallest skyscraper is ready to take in tenants from December, its developer said on Wednesday, looking to move past its links to the 1MDB scandal and focus on making headway in an oversupplied property market. Exchange 106 is the first project to be completed in the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), a new financial district in capital Kuala Lumpur that was started by now-defunct state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), from which about $4.5 billion was misappropriated according to prosecutors. The 492-metre (1,614 ft) tower, taller than Malaysia's Petronas twin towers, came under scrutiny in March last year after the then government of Prime Minister Najib Razak, who co-founded 1MDB in 2009, bought a 51% stake in the project.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:52:59 -0400
  • Young, angry Lebanese ditch their differences to target "unjust" system

    Like most young protesters flooding Lebanon's streets to vent their fury over joblessness and inequality, Nina Sabbah demands more than the government's hastily announced reforms if she is to back down. Demonstrations dominated by young faces have paralysed the country in recent days, forcing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's government to rush out measures aimed at quelling anger and rescuing an economy in free fall. Protesters like Sabbah, a Shi'ite Muslim from the south, say they have shed religious affiliations to join a broad protest movement that has cut across sectarian lines, challenging a system they say fuels inequality, nepotism, and corruption.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:52:20 -0400
  • FACTBOX-Climate targets – the devil’s in the detail

    Amid a groundswell of public pressure for climate action, companies, sectors and countries worldwide have trumpeted new pledges, from setting net-zero emissions targets to declaring carbon neutrality in specific timeframes. The 2015 Paris Agreement, a global climate pact, has a legally binding aim of keeping global warming "well below" 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial times and to "pursue efforts" to limit the temperature increase further to 1.5 C. It also sets out the aim of reaching a peak in greenhouse emissions "as soon as possible" and achieving a balance between output of manmade greenhouse gases and absorption - by forests or the oceans - by the second half of this century.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:47:18 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-U.S. welcomes German security plan for Syria, unlikely to take part

    The United States and NATO cautiously welcomed on Wednesday a German proposal for a security zone in northern Syria, though Washington's envoy to the alliance saying it should be for Europe to take charge and not U.S. forces. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters he had discussed the proposal with German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who is expected to present it to NATO counterparts at a regular meeting in Brussels on Thursday.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:46:21 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-China to boost imports of goods including farm products

    China will boost imports of certain goods including agricultural, consumer and components products as part of its efforts to stabilise foreign trade, Chinese state television said on Wednesday, citing the cabinet. CCTV said the State Council also decided to improve its policies on tax rebates, trade finance and insurance, and ease restrictions for capital account transactions as part of its efforts. China will take steps to support trade and foreign investment, the cabinet said.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:45:05 -0400
  • ANALYSIS-Shippers shine torch in every corner as pressure to cut CO2 grows

    From higher-quality paint to state-of-the-art propellers: shipping companies are looking in every corner to reduce their carbon footprint as investor and activist pressure increases. The move comes as aviation and shipping firms face demands to slash emissions due to their reliance on oil. The two sectors are expected to account for 40% of global CO2 output by 2050 unless action is taken, the European Environment Agency says.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:42:38 -0400
  • EU lawmakers reject Turkey's "safe zone" in Syria, eye sanctions steps

    European Union lawmakers on Wednesday condemned Turkey's offensive to carve out a "safe zone" in northeast Syria and prepared the way for new EU financial sanctions against Ankara. EU governments have protested to Ankara over its incursion but are split over how to respond to it.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:37:25 -0400
  • UK PM Johnson calls on Corbyn to explain how he will get Brexit done

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday to explain how he would get Brexit done, repeating his disappointment that parliament had rejected his timetable while voting in favour of his deal. "There is still time for (Corbyn) ... to do that and explain to the people of this country how he proposes to honour his promise that he made repeatedly and deliver on the will of the people and get Brexit done," Johnson told parliament.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:35:20 -0400
  • Blackstone third-quarter earnings drop less than expected news

    Blackstone reported a drop in proceeds from asset sales in its private equity business, offset partly by a rise in distributable earnings in its real estate, corporate credit and hedge funds divisions. Distributable earnings per share came in at 58 cents, higher than the 53 cents that analysts estimated on average, according to data compiled by Refinitiv. The New York-based buyout firm said income per share on a diluted basis rose to $1.15, based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), up 80% from a year ago.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:31:57 -0400
  • UK PM Johnson says people-traffickers should be hunted down

    All those involved in people-trafficking should be hunted down and brought to justice, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday after British police found the bodies of 39 people inside a truck believed to have come from Bulgaria. The discovery was made in the early hours after emergency services were alerted to the truck container on an industrial site in Grays, about 20 miles east of London. "It is hard to put ourselves in the shoes of those emergency services as they were asked to open that container and to expose the appalling crime that had taken place," Johnson told parliament.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:31:47 -0400
  • Ireland to investigate if truck where bodies found passed through country

    Irish authorities will carry out any investigations necessary if it is established that the truck in which the bodies of 39 people were found near London on Wednesday passed through Ireland, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said. British police said a key line of inquiry was determining the truck's route from Bulgaria to Ireland and then onto Britain. "Obviously we will need to get more information... It is a real, terrible and human tragedy and we'll carry out any investigations that are necessary if it's established that the truck did pass through Ireland," Varadkar told parliament.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:31:26 -0400
  • FOREX-Brexit confusion rattles FX markets, boosts yen

    The Japanese yen rose to a one-week high and the Swiss franc gained on Wednesday as investors sought safer assets after British lawmakers forced a delay in the UK government's Brexit plans. Foreign exchange trading was generally quiet with Brexit uncertainty hanging over the market and central bank meetings due on Thursday in Sweden, Norway and the euro zone. On Tuesday, British lawmakers opposed Johnson's timetable for pushing the Brexit legislation through parliament in three days.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:30:51 -0400
  • Thai king fires palace officials for "extremely evil" conduct

    Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn has dismissed six palace officials for "extremely evil" conduct, a palace announcement said on Wednesday, in a shake-up that come days after the sacking of the king's royal consort. The six included a woman, a senior police official and two royal guards, all of whom worked in the palace. Two separate announcements published in the official royal gazette accused the six of severe disciplinary misconduct that caused harm to the royal service, and said they had been fired and stripped of all their official ranks.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:28:50 -0400
  • Botswana votes as ruling party faces surprising challenge news

    Botswana faced its tightest election in history on Wednesday as the long-peaceful southern African nation wondered if the ruling party would be toppled for the first time since independence. The ruling party and President Mokgweetsi Masisi have been presented with a surprising challenge after former President Ian Khama broke away and announced his support for an opposition coalition instead. Khama hand-picked Masisi as his successor when he stepped down last year following two terms in office in the diamond-rich country.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:28:23 -0400
  • 39 people found dead in truck container in southeast England news

    Police in southeastern England said 39 people were found dead Wednesday inside a large cargo truck believed to have come from Bulgaria. The truck, which is said to have entered Britain via the Welsh port of Holyhead on Saturday, was found by ambulance workers at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, a town just by the River Thames around 25 miles (40 kms) east of central London. A 25-year-old-man from Northern Ireland who was driving the truck has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:25:20 -0400
  • After PM meeting, UK Conservative source says Labour's Corbyn just wants Brexit delay

    British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "made clear he has no policy except more delays", a Conservative Party source said on Wednesday, describing a meeting between the opposition leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The prime minister "met Corbyn this morning ... to discuss whether Labour would back a timetable that allows us to actually get Brexit done rather than yet more delay," the source said. "Corbyn made clear he has no policy except more delays and to spend 2020 having referendums," the source added, referring to Labour's policy to hold a public vote on any Brexit deal secured with the European Union.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:20:52 -0400
  • FACTBOX-Nine factors that contributed to Lion Air 737 MAX crash

    Mechanical and design issues are among nine sets of factors that contributed to the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX jet operated by Lion Air last October, Indonesian investigators have found. 1. During the design and certification of the Boeing 737-8 (MAX), assumptions were made about pilot response to malfunctions which, even though consistent with current industry guidelines, turned out to be incorrect. 2. Based on the incorrect assumptions about pilot response and an incomplete review of associated multiple flight deck effects, MCAS's reliance on a single sensor was deemed appropriate and met all certification requirements.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:20:38 -0400
  • Striking Chicago teachers to protest during morning rush hour news

    Striking Chicago teachers planned to march and hold a protest during the morning rush hour in the city's downtown on Wednesday in their push for smaller class sizes and more support staff in the third-largest U.S. public schools system. Classes were canceled for the fifth straight day on Wednesday for the Chicago Public Schools' 300,000 students, who have been out of school and without after-hours activities since last Thursday when the system's 25,000 teachers went on strike. The Chicago Teachers Union called the work stoppage after contract negotiations with CPS failed to produce a deal on pay, overcrowding in schools and a lack of support staff such as nurses and social workers.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:17:02 -0400
  • Japan wants China to take 'positive actions' on Japanese detained in Beijing

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe requested China's government on Wednesday to take positive actions in the case of a Japanese man detained in Beijing, a top government spokesman said following a meeting between Abe and China's vice president. Japan confirmed on Monday that a Japanese man in his 40s had been detained by Chinese authorities in Beijing in September on suspicion of violating Chinese law.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:16:08 -0400
  • That last toke for the road could be a downer with pot breathalyzers coming news

    One toke for the road could end up being a total bummer for drivers who smoke pot, with several companies in the United States preparing to market cannabis breathalyzers as legalized marijuana spreads across the country. Law enforcement agencies will require breathalyzers to detect marijuana as they are "faced with the necessity of stopping more and more motor vehicles being operated under the influence of THC," said Brett Meade, a retired police chief and a senior program manager for Washington-based non-profit group the Police Foundation. Nearly a dozen U.S. states allow recreational marijuana consumption and 33 states permit pot for medical use.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:14:47 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-Top Lebanese Christian cleric wants technocrats in government

    Lebanon's top Christian religious authority called for a change in government to include qualified technocrats and urged President Michel Aoun to begin talks with other politicians to address the demands of protesters angered by an economic crisis. Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai said reform measures announced by Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri on Monday were a good "first step" but they required replacing ministers in the current government with technocrats.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:13:59 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-Pound on backfoot as Brexit timetable blocked, election risk grows

    Sterling slipped further off recent highs around $1.30 on Wednesday after Britain's parliament approved a Brexit withdrawal deal but rejected the tight timetable to legislate on the agreement before a Oct. 31 deadline. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament that if it defeated him on the timetable and forced a delay until January he would abandon his attempt to ratify the deal and push for an election before Christmas instead. News that British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met Johnson to discuss a new timetable for passing Brexit legislation briefly moved the pound into positive territory, although it gave up gains shortly after.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:11:46 -0400
  • Manure, trash and wastewater: U.S. utilities get dirty in climate fight

    Joey Airoso has always been proud of his cows, whose milk goes into the butter sold by national dairy company Land O'Lakes. Now he has something new to brag about: the vast amounts of gas produced by his 2,900-head herd is powering truck fleets, homes and factories across the state of California. Airoso is tapping into a growing market among U.S. utilities for so-called renewable natural gas, or biomethane, that is being driven by the fight against climate change.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:08:49 -0400
  • Murder investigation launched as 39 dead bodies found in tractor-trailer near London news

    A murder investigation has been launched after 39 dead bodies were discovered in a tractor-trailer near London, police said Wednesday. Emergency services were called to an industrial park in Grays, Essex, at around 1:40 a.m. local time, when the vehicle was discovered to have people inside. A 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland has been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the deaths, according to Essex police.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:08:00 -0400
  • Workers in pain: Employers take a new twist to prevent costly injuries news

    Your job does not have to be physically demanding to literally be a pain in the neck, or knee, or lower back. Musculoskeletal conditions are among the top expenses for employee healthcare benefits, accounting for about a third of all worker injury and illness cases, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With healthcare costs projected to rise 4.9% in 2020, according to Willis Towers Watson, many large companies are ready to try something new.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:06:34 -0400
  • Mystery martyr's church unearthed in the Holy Land

    A Byzantine-era church built in honour of an unnamed martyr has been unearthed near Jerusalem after a three-year excavation, Israeli researchers said on Wednesday. "We found one inscription in the courtyard of the church which dedicates the site in the memory of a 'glorious martyr,'" said Benyamin Storchan, who directed the excavation. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) dates the shrine, located about 10 miles west of Jerusalem, to the 6th century.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:05:29 -0400
  • RPT-FEATURE-In Mexico, El Chapo’s sons add brash new chapter to crime family

    The mug shot-style photo of Ovidio Guzman that appeared as he was apprehended oozed defiance. Chin jutting out, eyes trained on the camera, the handsome youth bore a strong resemblance to his infamous father, jailed drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. In response to his capture in an upscale neighborhood, hundreds of heavily-armed Sinaloa Cartel henchmen, guns blazing, were pouring into Culiacan, briefly taking the modern city of about a million people near Mexico’s Pacific coast hostage.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:00:00 -0400
  • Striking Chicago teachers to protest during morning rush hour

    Striking Chicago teachers planned to march and hold a protest during the morning rush hour in the city's downtown on Wednesday in their push for smaller class sizes and more support staff in the third-largest U.S. public schools system. Classes were canceled for the fifth straight day on Wednesday for the Chicago Public Schools' 300,000 students, who have been out of school and without after-hours activities since last Thursday when the system's 25,000 teachers went on strike. The Chicago Teachers Union called the work stoppage after contract negotiations with CPS failed to produce a deal on pay, overcrowding in schools and a lack of support staff such as nurses and social workers.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:00:00 -0400
  • FACTBOX-In Germany, competition heats up between two logistics giants

    Amazon is not only a major customer of logistics companies like Deutsche Post DHL, FedEx and UPS. Here are key features of Amazon's on-the-ground delivery in its biggest international market, Germany, compared with DHL, one of the world's largest logistics firms. Amazon runs its delivery business in a similar way around the world.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:59:56 -0400
  • How will Amazon deliver in its second biggest market?

    The tightly choreographed morning operation is designed to maximise speed and minimise costs, preconditions for the success of Amazon's rapid expansion in its biggest international market. Salem Ahmad runs a small logistics company which recently won a contract to deliver parcels for Amazon in the city of Bochum. An Iraqi who has lived in Germany since 2001, he is struggling to find around 50 to 60 new drivers.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:58:44 -0400
  • Malaysia’s Najib clueless about millions banked in his account, lawyers say

    Former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak did not know that millions of dollars transferred into his personal accounts came from scandal-linked state fund 1MDB, his lawyers said on Wednesday as prosecutors wrapped up their first case against the ex-premier. Najib, who lost a general election last year, is facing dozens of criminal charges over allegations that $4.5 billion was stolen from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a state fund he co-founded in 2009. In the first case against him, Najib has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of criminal breach of trust, money laundering and abuse of power over allegations that he illegally received transfers totaling 42 million ringgit ($10 million) from SRC International, a former 1MDB unit.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:57:39 -0400
  • Philippine VP says time for Duterte to halt failed drug war

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should allow the United Nations to investigate his war on drugs, and abandon a deadly campaign that has been failure and a dent on the country's international image, its vice president said on Wednesday. The crackdown has overwhelmingly targeted the poor rather than big drugs networks, Leni Robredo said in an interview, adding that Duterte's violent rhetoric was aiding a culture of police impunity for which international help should be sought if the government refused to change tack.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:55:41 -0400
  • 'If all robbers were this dumb, our jobs would be easier,' cop says of would-be thief who got locked in store news

    A quick-thinking cellphone store employee is being credited with thwarting a robbery after he trapped the would-be thief by locking him in the store. "If all robbers were this dumb, our jobs would be a lot easier," a veteran police detective told Philadelphia ABC station WPVI after the suspect was arrested at a Boost Mobile store in North Philadelphia. Store employee Jitendra Kumar-Sas told WPVI that he was the only clerk on duty when the man entered the store at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and pulled a gun on him.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:48:20 -0400
  • Let's agree a "reasonable" Brexit timetable, Labour's Corbyn tells UK PM

    British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday reiterated his offer to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to agree a "reasonable timetable" to pass Brexit legislation, a party spokesman said. The spokesman said Corbyn also repeated his party's position that Labour could only support any move for an election if the threat of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal was taken off the table. "Jeremy Corbyn reiterated Labour's offer to the prime minister to agree a reasonable timetable to debate, scrutinise and amend the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, and restated that Labour will support a general election when the threat of a No Deal crash out is off the table," the spokesman said in a statement.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:47:24 -0400
  • Caterpillar cuts profit outlook as China sales slump news

    The results, the latest hint of the deepening fallout for companies of U.S.-China trade tensions and a broader slowdown in the world's second-largest economy, sent shares in the heavy machinery maker down 5% and underpinned a fall in Dow Jones Industrial futures. Caterpillar said the slump in Asia was led by a 29% plunge in construction machines sales and noted it was struggling against growing local competition and the broader economic slowdown as well as retailers slashing inventory. "Sales in Asia/Pacific were lower across most of the region primarily due to lower demand in China, including unfavorable changes in dealer inventories, amid continued competitive pressures," the company said.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:45:14 -0400
  • CORRECTED-Belgian Paralympian dies by euthanasia aged 40

    Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort died by euthanasia on Tuesday aged 40 after a battle with an incurable and degenerative spinal condition. Vervoort, who won Paralympic gold in the 100 metres wheelchair race in the London Games in 2012, had signed euthanasia papers in 2008 in Belgium, where it is legal, and died in accordance with her wishes late on Tuesday. Vervoort, who also won silver medals in London and at Rio in 2016, was diagnosed with the painful condition as a teenager and retired from competition after the Rio Games.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:44:17 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-Political outsider Saied sworn in as Tunisia's president

    Kais Saied, a political outsider and retired law professor, was sworn in as Tunisian president on Wednesday after he won a landslide victory in this month's election. Saied's win delivered a heavy blow to a governing elite accused of failing to improve living standards or end corruption since the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy after years of authoritarian rule. "There will be no tolerance in wasting any millime (cent) of the money of our people," Saied said in a speech.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:43:27 -0400
  • 10 Things to Know for Today news

    Turkey's Defense Ministry says it will not resume its offensive against Kurdish Syrian fighters in northeast Syria following separate agreements reached with the U.S. and Russia. With memos, text messages and detailed notes, William Taylor related a bureaucratic thriller to impeachment investigators on the mystery of the missing aid for Ukraine.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:36:27 -0400
  • Cyprus to probe how Cambodian elite got EU passports

    Cyprus said on Wednesday it would investigate the circumstances under which relatives of Cambodia's prime minister were granted citizenship and did not rule out revoking passports if necessary. A Reuters investigation published last week revealed that family members and allies of long-time prime minister, Hun Sen, have overseas assets worth tens of millions of dollars and have used their wealth to buy foreign citizenship - a practice Hun Sen has decried as unpatriotic.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:35:09 -0400
  • Britain's Corbyn meets PM Johnson to discuss Brexit timetable - Labour source

    British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday to discuss a new timetable for passing Brexit legislation, a source in the party said. Parliament rejected Johnson's accelerated timetable on Tuesday, putting into doubt the prime minister's "do or die" pledge to take Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31. Corbyn had asked Johnson to meet to discuss a revised timetable that would better suit parliament.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:29:36 -0400
  • China says U.S. "weaponising" visas after space event no show

    The United States is "weaponising" visas, having failed to grant visas in time or at all for Chinese space officials for an international event, China's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, in the latest escalation of tensions between the two countries. China and the United States are locked in a bitter trade dispute, which they are currently trying to resolve, and also have deep disagreements on many other areas, including human rights, the disputed South China Sea and Chinese-claimed Taiwan.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:29:11 -0400
  • Trump, New York prosecutors to square off in appeals court over tax returns news

    Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump and New York state prosecutors trying to obtain Trump's tax returns are set to face off in a federal appeals court Wednesday. The case, which will be argued before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, is one of several legal battles in which the Republican president is seeking to shield his personal finances from scrutiny. In August, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, subpoenaed Trump's personal and corporate tax returns from 2011 to 2018 and other records from the president's longtime accounting firm Mazars USA.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:27:18 -0400
  • UPDATE 1-Eurozone bonds rise, Swiss bonds outperform, as Brexit uncertainty returns

    Eurozone government bonds were moving higher on Wednesday with safe-haven German Bunds leading the way, as investors grew more wary about how and when Britain will leave the European Union. Swiss government bonds surged the most, reflecting safe-haven demand in the euro area. British lawmakers handed Prime Minister Boris Johnson the first major parliamentary victory of his premiership on Tuesday by signalling their support for the Brexit deal he agreed with the European Union last week.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:25:12 -0400
  • FACTBOX-Mass fatalities of migrants or suspected migrants in Europe

    British police found the bodies of 39 people inside a truck container believed to have come from Bulgaria at an industrial estate to the east of London on Wednesday, and said they had arrested the driver on suspicion of murder. October, 2019 - The truck discovered on Wednesday was thought to have entered Britain at Holyhead, in North Wales, on Saturday and to have originally started its journey in Bulgaria. An Austrian motorway patrol discovered the abandoned truck near the Hungarian border, probably at least 24 hours after it had been parked there.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:22:03 -0400
  • Banc of California: 3Q Earnings Snapshot

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) _ Banc of California Inc. (BANC) on Wednesday reported a third-quarter loss of $14.1 million, after reporting a profit in the same period a year earlier. The bank, based in Santa Ana, California, said it had a loss of 45 cents per share. The results did not meet Wall Street expectations.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:14:13 -0400
  • Lebanon paralysed for 7th day, army opens some roads

    Lebanese army troops scuffled with demonstrators on Wednesday as they struggled to unblock main roads, after economic reforms proposed by the government failed to stem a historic wave protests against the political elite. Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's government announced an emergency reform package on Monday, to try to defuse the anger of protesters demanding the government resigns and also to steer the heavily indebted state away from a looming financial crisis.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:14:09 -0400
  • Factbox: Democratic U.S. presidential hopefuls seek contrast with Trump on immigration news

    Candidates running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination have been uniformly critical of the immigration policies of U.S. President Donald Trump, who was elected after promising to crack down on illegal immigration and bolster enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border. Since entering the White House in 2017, Trump has moved to end former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children from deportation.

    Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:13:00 -0400
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